Client Testimonials

Evelyn Edwards helped with two years of tax returns. For the year of 2010, I had used a tax return program, and followed the instructions carefully. However, what I ended up with was not according to IRS rules and regulations, so they sent me a notice stating that I owed tens of thousands of dollars more than I had paid. Since I knew this was not correct, I sought out a CPA, and found Evelyn. She revised the return and also represented me to the IRS. The revised return made a huge difference in the amount of tax I owed, and it also affected the tax return for the year of 2011, as I had converted an IRA to a ROTH. This necessitated that the return for 2011 also be revised.

Thanks to Evelyn, both returns are now corrected and accepted, saving me many thousands of dollars that I knew I did not owe. I would not have been able to do this without her assistance.
– Dee

I have been working with Evelyn on my taxes since moving to Austin several years ago. I am a retiree and an active stock trader utilizing short term trades. By working closely with Evelyn, she does an excellent job of minimizing my tax liability.

In addition, when it comes to taxes, I am somewhat of a procrastinator. But Evelyn, works diligently to ensure that I get her everything she needs to make an on time filing.

I would highly recommend Evelyn Edwards for one’s tax accounting.

– Martin Peck

Evelyn Edwards CPA, has helped keep me and my business in good financial shape. She has provided awesome services, doing taxes, reviewing my needs and making suggestions to always guide my business in the best direction. I am very grateful to Evelyn Edwards, CPA for her calm, caring professional manner and awesome service for over 10 years. Thank you Evelyn!

– JK Khalsa – Owner/Practitioner
Harmony & Health Acupuncture
Georgetown, TX

10 years ago, I had fallen behind on doing Taxes and also owed the IRS for several years worth. Evelyn made it very simple to pay back my taxes and within a few years I was getting Tax Returns. Evelyn is not just a lifesaver thrown at you when you fall in deep water, she is a strong dependable ship, that takes you out of the water and gets you to land safe. Money managing is like being in the ocean, and I’d rather be in a big enough ship to weather storms, or enjoy the pleasures of a good journey. I rest easy every time Evelyn gives me my tax preparations in a professional and quality folder. She knows the laws and the angles of Taxation, and I’m confident, that what I file is accurate and that I get the most out of my returns or pay the least I have too. Either way, Evelyn is a solid vessel to travel with, through the oceans of book keeping. Thanks Evelyn.

– Oscar Madera

Hi Evelyn. We met during tax season and I just wanted to say thanks. Your quick advice saved us hundreds on our tax returns!

– Natalie Clogston

We’ve found Evelyn Edwards, CPA, to be a highly professional and dedicated CPA firm to work with. She, and her firm, give above and beyond what’s asked for every time. Evelyn is highly innovative, always seeking out the newest technologies and the most up to date information to share with her clients. She has our deepest respect. We recommend Evelyn Edwards’ firm highly and refer our clients to her without hesitation.

– Lea Timmons

Evelyn is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with filing our income tax yearly. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent.

– Laura Torres

Evelyn did an outstanding job both with my company’s taxes and it’s accounting as well as my own personal taxes and associated issues. I have and will continue to use her for my new company as well as future personal tax and accounting matters.

– Bryan Payne

“My name is Allen Deaver and I have been a client of Evelyn Edwards for over 10 years. She goes above and beyond in finding the many legitimate deductions for my Real Estate business.

She also is great advising me in ways I can save money in the next year. In my business I meet many people new to the Central Texas area and advise all of them to use Evelyn Edwards as their CPA. If you would like to contact me personally I can be contacted at either or 512-791-4543”

– Allen Deaver

“Due to changes within the company, we thought our tax returns had been filed. We found out that they had not been filed properly when the IRS showed up unannounced at our offices. They were writing down personal license plates in our parking lot after their visit. A colleague was using her for another tax reason and thought she would be the perfect fit for our organization.

Our books were a MESS when she started working with us. We had switched from a non-inventory system to inventory system. The way we went about it had been wrong and our previous CPA had not made the changes needed to clean up the MESS. After two grueling months and hard work with Ms. Edwards we had the two missing returns filed.

After the returns were caught up it was at that time we deemed it necessary to create a new set of books. Start fresh and clean especially with all of the changes that had occurred at our company. She assisted with the set up. We had a few loose ends to complete in the old books. We took a couple of months to get those ironed out. At that point we imported the last of the adjustments from the old set of books and declared that set R.I.P. The following tax return went very smoothly.

It was at this time that she noticed we could file for a REFUND. I had almost forgotten about the refund check that the IRS was supposed to be sending. She contacted me to see if we had received it yet. She did some leg work and found out that the IRS had an error in their system and she had to re-file. Once again time went on I was busy with many other tasks. She called again asking if we had received our check yet. Soon after we received a letter and the check!

What I love about Evelyn the best is we are not a dollar figure. We are a family company and she treats us as such. Whenever I have a question that I am not clear on I can pick up the phone and ask her. This makes her job and my job easier come tax season.”

– Simmons

“Thank you Evelyn for helping me with my daughter’s difficult taxes. Evelyn jumped on it and made the process so easy. She handled all the necessary paperwork. I highly recommend Evelyn for any of your taxes. Thank you again.”

– Nora Alaniz Tijerina

Evelyn Edwards, CPA