Business Services: Incorporation, Quickbooks, Payroll and Taxes

I’m experienced in helping small to medium-sized businesses manage their accounting and tax challenges. My goal for small businesses is simple: to provide cost-saving accounting help that allows you to keep more of your money on your books.

My Accounting Services geared to Businesses generally fall into 2 Categories:

1. Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

I will help you decide what level of service you need

2. Tax Preparation & Planning

I can help you prepare your tax returns, proactively reduce your tax liability and help with overall tax planning.

Evelyn Edwards CPA, has helped keep me and my business in good financial shape. She has provided awesome services, doing taxes, reviewing my needs and making suggestions to always guide my business in the best direction. I am very grateful to Evelyn Edwards, CPA for her calm, caring professional manner and awesome service for over 10 years. Thank you Evelyn!

– JK Khalsa – Owner/Practitioner
Harmony & Health Acupuncture
Georgetown, TX

Other Common Questions and Discussion Topics

Sole Proprietorship:

  • Is Reported on the Individual Tax Return – Schedule C
  • There are several areas that need to be considered:
    • Mileage – are you keeping proper records?
    • Depreciation – are you eligible for Section 179? Economic Stimulus? MACKS?
    • Contract Labor – Must you issue 1099-MISC’s?
    • Office in Home – are you eligible? Will you report the 8879?
    • Estimated Tax payments – how much do you need to send in? Are you keeping proper records?


  • Who are the partners?
  • What is the Ownership percentage breakdown?
  • Are there foreign partners?
  • Is there a partnership agreement?
  • Who receives guaranteed payments?


  • Who receives a salary?
  • How much will you receive in distributions?
  • How will it affect your tax rate on your individual tax return?


  • What basis is appropriate for your entity?
  • Who will receive a salary?
  • Who is a 1099 vendor?
Evelyn Edwards, CPA