About Evelyn Edwards, CPA

My commitment is to provide each client with the highest quality service while offering a full range of comprehensive services to meet their changing business and individual needs. It’s my mission to save the taxpayer time and money by providing tax preparation, bookkeeping, and tax resolution services year round.

High Quality Work

Minimizing clients’ tax burdens and lowering costs results from an accurate and thorough approach to financial management.


In addition to actively maintaining an up-to-date and comprehensive understanding of tax regulations, I follow an organized, detailed set of procedures which ensures an accurate application of tax law and prevents mistakes.


I take the process one step further by reviewing client information to determine if any additional tax advantages are available.

Personal Attention

I take time to fully understand each client’s needs including their financial worries and financial goals. Armed with this information, I am better able to tailor an accounting solution to best meet their individual needs.

Clients receive personal phone calls to discuss any questions regarding your financial situation and tax returns, as well as regular newsletters that contain important tax preparation information such as deadline notification and tips for minimizing their tax burden, etc.

I take the time to explain a client’s tax situation so they feel confident that I am doing what is in their best interest.

Responsive Communications

I respond to clients regularly and promptly. Many new clients comment on the fact that I am more responsive than they are accustomed to.

I provide tools and guidelines to make the client’s internal process easier and more efficient. This includes help organizing paperwork and computer software coaching.

For example: returning customers receive a checklist of required documents based on the previous year’s tax return. This helps clients confirm they have received all of the necessary documents from third parties before filing the return. This simple tool eliminates the need and cost of amending returns due to missing documents.

Hi Evelyn. We met during tax season and I just wanted to say thanks. Your quick advice saved us hundreds on our tax returns!

– Natalie Clogston

Evelyn Edwards, CPA