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New Client Tax Preparation Checklist

I have new clients ask me what do they need to do to get ready for their tax return preparation. This outline is a good place to start.  It is geared for the individual and small business.  I suggest you

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Tax Planning Part II: Year end tactics

Tax Planning Part II. The last quarter of the year is tax planning “season”.  If you think you are going to owe, tax planning can be the answer. (See Tax Planning Part I) If  you do owe, I see it

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Tax Planning Part I: Are you getting a refund or will you owe?

Now that its year end, it’s a good time assess your tax situation. The big question is: Are  you getting a refund or will you owe? Most people go according to what happened the previous year. However, there maybe changes

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How do people get Audited?

How do people end up getting Audited? And what happens when someone gets Audited? When people get an IRS notice about a tax situation, you are being audited.  Most of the audits are done with notices now.  Most people don’t

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